About Bol Croatia


About Bol Croatia

2018-09-30Tonci Buljan

Bol is located on the southern side of the island of Brač. It is the oldest coastal town and top travel destination on island Brač, and always among top 5 tourist destinations in Croatia in various travel contests.

Bol streches few kilometeres along the coast of Adriatic sea. Adriatic sea is superb quality, cristal clear and ideal for summer refreshment. There are numerous small beaches in Bol, from east to west those are: Martinica, Ribarska kucica, Racic, Veli most, Studenac, Benacica, Borak, Potocine and most famous one - Zlatni rat.

Zlatni rat
Zlatni rat is one of the most popular beaches in Croatia and considered as one of the best beaches in the world. It is completely natural, created by sea currents in Hvar channel. It streches 450 m into the channel and rotates its edge depending on current weather conditions (sea currents).
Since 2012 beach Zlatni rat holds a Blue flag award for excellence in sea quality.

Accommodation in Bol
In not so distant past Bol was a town of fishermen, wine-growers and sailmen. Today Bol is primary a tourist destination - most popular one on the island Brač. Crystal clear sea and great beaches are not only thing Bol has to offer. There are 8 hotels, raging from big ones with spa/wellness to small - family owned and there are numerous apartments and rooms in Bol for you to choose from. During years many new services emerged so there are various sports courts (tennis, futsal, volleyball...), several clubs, surfboarding schools, fitness center, spa/wellness center and many other.

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