Discover island Brac


Discover island Brac

2018-09-30Tonci Buljan

Brac is a great place to live and I'm sorry for all you guests that can spend here 5, 10 or 15 days in a year. It really is beautiful.

Supetar is biggest place on the island, and it is administrative center of the island Brač. Everything is there: hospital, police station, ferry and lots of stuff for our locals.

Bol is top tourist destination on the island and probably most famous town on the Brač. Together with small village Murvica, Bol is only town located on the south side of the island Brač.

Pucisca are small town on the north side famous for its stone. Part of the White house in Washington was built out of that stone. Tourism in Pucisca is being developed every year.

Postira are town next to Pucisca. Famous for its steadily economy, in latest years they have been developing range of hotels, spa centers and sports grounds. In Postira you can find Sardina, world famous producer of fish products, Brac fini sapuni - local manufacturer of natural soaps.

Sumartin is a small town located on the east side of the island. It is connected via ferry line with Makarska. It is famous for its fleet of fish boats, since it is hometown of Arkovic family - Brac's well known family of fishermen.

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