Nightlife in Bol


Nightlife in Bol

2018-09-30Tonci Buljan

Nightlife in Bol starts in the early afternoon with beach party on the beach Zlatni rat. Coctail bar Auro and caffe bar Grabov rat are both great places to sip coctails, drink coffe and relax in the shades of old pine trees.
Coctail bar Auro on the beach hosts great after beach parties during late July and August.

When you are done with after beach parties, finished dinner - the real nightlife begins. Caffe bar Marinero is a cult place in Bol where you can see lots of locals and guests. It has a great outdoor terrace, friendly staff and fair prices.
Taverna Riva is located just by the sea and it is a great place to start your night tour.

On the other side of Bol port there are Moby dick and Big blue. Moby dick is a bar with a great view overlooking Bol harbour and Big blue is located in the harbour, in very center of Bol. These places are great to start with.

After you get little warm up, it is time to go to Varadero. Varadero is central coctail bar in Bol, most famous one and the best. Service is great, drinks are great and girls are great. Music plays until 2am and then everything relocates to night club Ela in the Elaphusa hotel. 

Club Ela is located in the Bluesun hotel Elaphusa (4****) and it is 1 km from the Bol. It is located on the promenade that goes from Bol to the beach Zlatni rat. Club Ela is only real night club in Bol and works until early morning hours.

After Ela - quick sandwich in the center of Bol and then to sleep.

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